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Is Your Guest Bedroom Ready for Holiday Visitors?

Need help prepping the guest bedroom for holiday visitors?

GruntWorks guest bedroom decorating tipsThe holidays are just around the corner, and along with the gifts and festivities, there are usually overnight guests, too. Are you ready?

How will you make room for Aunt Ida and Uncle Joe when your guest bedroom is being used as a storage unit/island of lost toys/half-finished home gym?  And what about your dream of turning it into an inviting retreat? Relax. This article will get you going in the right direction of making your guest bedroom guest-ready.

Step One: Clear the clutter.

Remove everything but the essentials, and put fresh linens on the bed.  (No clutter, just dull? You’re a step ahead.)

Step Two: Evaluate. 

Do guests have a place to hang and store their clothes?  Do guests have a place to sit down? Is there room for a nightstand or table next to the bed? Is there enough lighting? Does anything need to be repaired or finished before guests arrive?

Step Three: Dream!

Define your wants. Browse design magazines and websites for ideas (check out the hundreds of ideabooks on for inspiration).  Make a list of the things you’d change to make your guest bedroom as cozy, sophisticated and functional as you imagine.

Step Four: Get serious.  

Define your needs. What’s feasible in your time frame (will the paint dry before Aunt Ida arrives)?  What’s feasible for your budget?  Make a list of what truly needs to done.

Finally: Call GruntWorks. 

As your Personal Home Assistant, we take all the time and effort of planning a project off your plate. Whether you want to repair plaster, put up shelves, paint the room, remove or hang wallpaper, build a storage bench, reconfigure a closet, install blinds or curtain rods, lay carpeting, refinish floors, change a light fixture or replace windows–whatever you need, we coordinate the job, from checking references to getting bids to setting appointments.

Booking GruntWorks to take care of everything…  now that is a gift.


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