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Searchable Househappy Home Services

What kind of service do you need? Simply type in the “Search” field below for a filtered list of home maintenance, home improvement, and home repair services.

Type of ServiceService CategoryWho would do it?
Stump GrindingArbor CareArborist
Tree Trimming or RemovalArbor CareArborist
Carpets Cleaned or ReplacedFloors & CarpetsCarpet specialist
Chimney CleanedChimneyCertified Chimney Specialist
Foundation Repaired or PouredConstructionConstruction
Driveway Sealed or RepairedConstruction, ConcreteConstruction, Concrete Specialist
Kitchen RemodeledRemodelingContractor
Electrical WorkElectricianElectrician
Lighting InstalledInterior ElectricalElectrician
Fence Repaired or BuiltFence Specialist, Handy ManFence Specialist, Handy Man
Addition or RemodelDemolition, ConstructionGeneral Contractor
Bathroom RemodeledDemolition, Construction, Plumbing, Tile Installation, ElectricalGeneral Contractor
CaulkingHandy ManHandy Man
Ceiling Fan InstalledHandy ManHandy Man
Doors Hung or AdjustedHandy ManHandy Man
Hardware InstalledMaintenanceHandy Man
Holiday Lights Hung & RemovedMaintenanceHandy Man
Leak FixedMaintenanceHandy Man
Plaster RepairedMaintenanceHandy Man
Flooring InstalledHandy Man, CarpenterHandy Man, Carpenter
Junk Hauled AwayDebris RemovalHauler
Home InspectionInspectionsHome Inspector
House CleanedHouse cleaners/MaidHouse cleaners/Maid
Water Heater Repaired or ReplacedHVACHVAC
Ductwork CleanedHVACHVAC Specialist
Yard Clean UpLawn MaintenanceLandscape Maintenance
Irrigation System Designed or InstalledLandscapingLandscaper
Lawn ServiceLawn MaintenanceLandscaper
PruningLandscape MaintenanceLandscaper
Retaining Wall BuiltLandscapingLandscaper
French Drain InstalledLandscaper, Drain SpecialistLandscaper, Drain Specialist
Mold RemovedMoldMold Specialist
Moss RemovedMoldMold Specialist
Moving or LiftingMoversMoving Company/Handy Man
Pest ControlPest ControlPest Control Specialist
Toilet Repaired or ReplacedPlumbingPlumber
Gutters Cleaned, Repaired, or ReplacedMaintenanceRoofer
Roof Repaired or ReplacedRoofRoofer
Windows WashedMaintenanceWindow Cleaner